Keynote Lecture

Maks Giordano (Keynote Speaker)

Don´t miss the chance to get first hand tips on new technologies from our international renowned keynote Speaker:

Maks Giordano

„Metaverse, Avatars, Filters – Digital Beauty in New Virtual Worlds“

If Silicon Valley has its way, we will all enter the Metaverse soon, living a perfect live in a perfect virtual world. But what does the Metaverse hold for us Aesthetic Surgeons? Is the sunset of our profession about to begin because our patients can create their own digital beauty? Or will the quest for real-world-beauty – synonymous with freedom, independence and self-confidence of the individuum – endure?

Can Aesthetic Surgery be preserved in the coming era of hypertechnologization?  

Maks Giordano will answer these questions during his keynote lecture. He has been working with the creativity of technologies for almost 30 years. He advises Apple, Lego, Red Bull, Mercedes, Vogue, GQ, BMW and many others on digital transformation and innovation.


San Francisco

179  Clinton Street, Little Rock
San Francisco, SF 32671