Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

The Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is the biggest association of aesthetic plastic surgeons in Germany and was founded in 1995 in Leipzig. VDAEPC members include both resident doctors and clinicians. What they all have in common is the official German specialist title in aesthetic plastic surgery. Every year, the VDAEPC releases treatment statistics which give an interesting overview over the developments and trends in aesthetic surgery in Germany.

The VDAEPC cooperates with national and international societies like ISAPS, IMCAS, EASAPS and ASAPS.

The main goals of the VDAEPC are:
  1. Guarantee of quality and competence through strict acceptance criteria for its members 
  2. Promotion of research and science in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery as well as teaching and further education 
  3. Quality assurance by supporting members in the area of quality management
The VDAEPC board is composed as follows:

President: Prof. Dr. med. Detlev Hebebrand
Vice-President: Dr. med. Alexander Schönborn
Secretary: Dr. med. Katrin Müller
Treasurer: Dr. med. Sixtus Allert

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