Information for Presenters

Speaking Time

Please pay attention to the length of your presentation, and make sure you don’t go over your allotted time. We thank you for your understanding that we need to make sure that all speakers have the same amount of time.


The discussion is an open forum for all attendees to speak and ask questions. Every participant will be requested to introduce themselves with their name and nationality. Microphones will be located in the aisles for this purpose.

Image Projection

The presentation must be saved to a disc or USB stick which is to be handed in and tested at the Media Check table no later than 45 minutes before the start of the session. IBM-compatible PCs with PowerPoint will be available and can be used to share your presentation.

We prefer you do not use a personal laptop, but if you absolutely need to, you must let boeld communication GmbH know in advance.

Please note that when creating your presentation data on a disc or USB stick, that film files or special scripts (characters) will need to be transferred. To make sure the files transfer successfully, you may need to use the function “Packing for CD…” and select the option “linked files” and “embedded true-type fonts”. The projection of slides is not possible. Deletion of the file after the presentation is guaranteed.

Speaker Ready Room

Konferenzraum I, First Floor


San Francisco

179  Clinton Street, Little Rock
San Francisco, SF 32671


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